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My Story

Brandy Butler is originally from Reading, Pennslyvania. Born to a multi-racial household, Brandy was immediately immersed into a world full of cultural intersections. Brandy's mother was an avid musical fan and invested many years teaching her the essential Rodgers and Hammerstein catalog(among others). Brandy's father filled the house with the Sound of Philadelphia, Miles Davis and Motown. By the time Brandy was in the 4th grade they had already developed a strong love of music and began to play the flute.

In 1997 Brandy moved to Philadelphia to pursue their love of Jazz Music at the University of the Arts. It was in Philadelphia that Brandy found home: a city dedicated to it's love of music and, of course, sports teams (Go Eagles!). Philadelphia became their permanent residence. Brandy graduated  in 2001 with a Bachelor's in Jazz Performance: Jazz Flute, Minor Jazz Tuba. They spent the following years teaching Elementary Music in the Philadelphia School District.

During this time Brandy became the lead singer of Philadephia local favorite band, Saigon Slimm.

In 2003, on a whim, Brandy decided to take a break from music and life in Philadelphia by moving to Switzerland and working as an au-pair for a family outside of Zürich. Within months after arriving, Brandy began to work as a singer and musician in the local Zürich scene.


Over the last 20 years, Brandy has made appearances with almost every major Swiss Artist including Sophie Hunger, Erika Stucky, Sina, Stress, Steff La Cheffe, Phenomden and Philip Funkhauser, to name just a few. In 2012 Brandy  appeared on The Voice of Switzerland capturing the hearts and minds of many in what was dubberd  "the most watched moment of the entire series" in their Battle to Nicole Bernegger.


Brandy Butler is one of the most highly respected musicians in the Swiss Music Scene.  She has toured Europe, America and Africa with  her solo project "Brandy Butler and the Brokenhearted"  as well as other bands such as Chamber Soul, Dee Day Dub, The Fonxionaires and King Kora.


She completed her Master's degree in Vocal Musik Pedägogik in 2010.  She completed a complimentary certification in Elementary Music in 2022. From 2011 - 2014  she grew and successfully ran one of the largest KindermusikTM  programs in the world.

Since 2015, Butler's career has has expanded immensely. Their current professional practice includes being a resident guest performer at  Theater Neumarkt( 2019 - present) which broadened their professionial capabilities,and bringing them to their more current title of Contemporary Arts Performer.​ Butler is also an esteemed activist, and has worked for several local and national organizations consulting on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion projects.

Brandy's passion is change, and the instability that it brings. They believe firmly that change is necessary for growth, and are committed to supporting such opportunities whether through creative, pedagogical or community based projects(or some intersection therof!)

community related art projects run by Brandy Butler

-Ms. Brandy's Open Mic (2007-2010)

-Drag Story Time (2019 - present)

-Free Thinkers Academy (2019 - present)

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